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(718) 441-5764


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Reserving an entertainer

How long in advance should i book my event?
In order to ensure availability of the date, time, character, and supplies you are looking for, it is best to book your party as soon as possible. Most of our clients and repeat families book with us 6 8 weeks in advance. We recommend booking your event as soon as you are sure of the date and time of your event, but we have been known to book entertainment at the last minute.
What will i need to make my reservation?
When you call please have the date, time, full address (street address zip, town, zip code and cross streets), name of the venue, and 2 phone numbers where the host can be reached.
Are your clowns scary?
Our clowns are non-scary looking. Our entertainers lightly paint their face with simple designs and still appear very human. They wear brightly colored clown clothes. Elaborately face painted clowns are done on request. Please view our Gallery to get a better feel for how our entertainers look.
How long does it take to setup?
All of our entertainers have pre-set bins, so everything is organized and ready to go. On average setup time is less than 10 minutes.
Are your costumes and equipment in good conditions?
Our costumes and equipment are of the highest quality. Our equipment is kept clean and regularly maintained. We own (we dont rent) all of our own costumes, so you can be sure that our costumes are very clean and fresh.
What do your characters do?
Our characters are extremely animated, and not only pose for pictures, but dance and play games with the children.
Do i need to provide the entertainers with anything?
Yes, we ask the host to please provide a CD player or Ipod deck, electricity, and a place to change.
How much space do the entertainers need?
We have done events everywhere, from small studio apartments to huge auditoriums and coliseums. We will do our very best to work with the space we are provided with and make sure that everyone has a good time no matter if the space is small or extremely spacious.
May i have a specific entertainer?
We appreciate that youve found an entertainer that you love to have at your party, but theyre not always available due to high demand. When you call to make your reservation we will be glad to take your REQUEST. The week of your party if your entertainer is available well be sure to assign that person to your party.

Renting an inflatable bounce house

My party is in a public park. Is there anything I need to know?
You will need a permit. (Find out more by calling 311. Please hurry it takes about a month to get one.) Electricity (All bounce houses require a blower or several to inflate they require electricity to work. We rent generators but they are not included with the inflatables!)
How much space does a bounce house need?
Bounce houses come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some units can just be bouncers on the inside while others can be entire amusement centers. With that said the best thing to do is measure the space where you plan on putting the unit. Youll need to know the Length=L, Wight=W and Height=H in feet and inches. Its not hard to measure and you can get a tape measure from your local store. Then give us a call or browse our BOUNCERS & INFLATABLES
Is there a delivery or set up fee?
How long does it take to setup?
The amount of time varies from unit to unit, but once the unit you have reserved is in the spot you planned to place it the units usually inflate within 10 minutes.

Reserving rental equipment and concession stands

Are your machines kosher?
Are the products you use kosher?
Is there a deliver fee; if so how much?
Yes. The fee is based on the distance. Please note that if youre having an inflatable or a tent larger than 20X20 delivery may be free.
What will I need to make my reservation?
If deliverd you need the date, time, full address (street address zip, town, zip code and cross street), name of the venue, and 2 phone numbers where the host can be reached. If picking up the unit you need ID, a security deposit, and full payment of the unit.
Other things you will need to let us know
Number of servings you will need. Electricity Deposit (see above at Payment & Gratuity)


Can you work around our budget?
Here at All In One Entertainment we can design a package around your budget or work with the ideas you have to make your event a hit. Were great at making recommendations and listening to your needs.
How many guest can you accommodate?
We've done events with as little as 50 guests to as many as 2,500.
Can we get a discount if we book more than one item?
Yes. We know how hard it can be to get a great price for everything you plan on having at you party. Sometimes that causes people to book with multiple companies for different items. Save yourself the headache and book everything with us for a great packaged deal and discount
Do you require a contract?
Is your company insured?
Yes, we are fully insured and an official Department of Education vendor.